“My Gutsy Story” Winner, Paris Book Event + More


Today is special . Why?

  • We have a “My Gutsy Story” last-minute WINNER
  • I’m signing books at WH Smith in Paris from 5-7pm tonight
  • Madeline Sharples, nominated me as a “Master Networker” and I’m grateful for her hosting me on her blog today.

As many of you know, I’m in Paris and due to the time difference (9 hours ahead of California,) I’m watching the last-minute voting.

Jerry Waxler is the WINNER of the November “My Gutsy Story.”

Congratulations Jerry. This was a very close call with 2nd place winner Susan Weidener.


Jerry Waxler

Jerry Waxler

 Sonia Marsh Says: “I am on board with your global vision of sharing our stories and breaking down barriers through a Memoir Revolution.”


 Susan Weidener won 2nd place. This was such a close race, and I want to congratulate you Susan for your inspiring “My Gutsy Story.”

Susan Weidener

Susan Weidener

 Sonia Marsh Says: What an inspiring story of courage and re-inventing yourself after the loss of the man you loved. I am sure your memoir can help us feel “energized” and motivated to follow our passion, just as you did.

Jerry Holl: won 3rd Place.

Jerry Holl


Jerry Holl

Sonia Marsh Says: This is really a true example of a “My Gutsy Story,” Jerry. You did what so many long to do: quit their corporate job, and take off to follow an adventure or a passion.

Elaine Masters: Your story was amazing.

Elaine Masters

Sonia Marsh says: “You prove something that I am a firm believer of: getting away from the familiar, getting out of your comfort zone to an unfamiliar environment helps you grow and strengthens you as a person.”



I am posting from Paris this week. I plan to share stories and photos, from Paris and London, where I am doing an event at WHSmith on December 13th.

I am collecting new “My Gutsy Story” submissions for 2013.  NOW is the time to submit your own “My Gutsy Story” and get published in our Anthology. Please contact sonia@soniamarsh.com for details.

To submit your own, “My Gutsy Story” you can find all the information, and our sponsors on the “My Gutsy Story” contest page. (VIDEO) Submission guidelines here.


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  1. Laura Dennis says:

    Very cool, Sonia! Good luck with your signing this evening … It’s fun to have more writer-friends in the European time zone!
    Laura Dennis recently posted..Announcing: Adoption Reunion ConclusionsMy Profile

    • Sonia Marsh says:


      Thanks. It does feel strange to be 9 hours ahead of California. I hope you got my e-mail the other day, and that you’re progressing well with your revisions.

  2. BG says:

    hey Sonia!
    Paris..cool 🙂 Great city, inspiring!

    I’m slowly coming back to the blog world after taking a break. I will have to catch up with all your winners and your story!

    Congrats on the book!
    BG recently posted..Home for the HolidaysMy Profile

  3. Jerry Waxler says:

    Thanks for this recognition and fancy looking gold cup, Sonia. In my opinion, everyone who attempts to tell their story is a winner. Thanks for giving us the opportunity to share.

    Memory Writers Network
    Jerry Waxler recently posted..What Do Readers Expect From Your Memoir?My Profile

  4. Jerry, congratulations on your first place win and the fancy gold cup! Unfortunately on my first and so far only Gutsy Story submission I didn’t garner a first place win, but I did feel honored to have been encouraged by Sonia to try my hand at her contest.

    And to the rest of the winners, congrats to you as well! Sonia does a great job of keeping us all in the loop with this contest and manages to push us to continue honing those writing skills!

    Sonia, enjoy Paris!
    Sherrey Meyer recently posted..No Place Like HomeMy Profile

  5. Sonia Marsh says:


    Yes, I always say that everyone is a winner for opening up and sharing their story. Thank you Sherrey, and I am posting some photos of the book signing in Paris on my FB page.

  6. ladyfi says:

    Enjoy your trip to Paris and London!
    ladyfi recently posted..Of light in the darknessMy Profile

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