From Rice and Lentils to Salmon and Champagne


From rice and lentils to salmon and champagne, life is good in Paris.

I left my rural village in Lesotho, last week, flew to Johannesburg with a stopover in Abu-Dhabi and finally Paris.

It’s amazing how fast I’ve adapted to nice showers, a washing machine, a clean gym, and good food.

Jill, my Father’s wife celebrated her 80th birthday with 48 relatives and friends who flew in from Denmark, Italy, Brazil, and me from Lesotho.


Jill and her daughter Catherine

We celebrated at “Le Fruit Defendu”  the perfect restaurant for a cozy evening with a delightful Christmas feel located on the banks of the river Seine, west of Paris.


Le Fruit Defendu

My charming, 91-year-old father, has not changed, still in good health, and I am always happy when I spend time with him and Jill.

They reserved the entire restaurant several months ago, and as soon as we entered, we enjoyed the inviting fireplace, candles, champagne, friendly guests and an evening of unforgettable speeches.


Jill and her grandchildren who made a great speech for her. A family picture.

An elegant three course meal started at 9 p.m., and ended at 12:30 a.m with an ice cream cake and “fireworks” as well as more champagne.

Jill's ice cream "fireworks" cake

Jill’s ice cream “fireworks” cake

I loved catching up with old relatives and friends, and in particular, Anette, a Danish friend who has read and commented on all my FaceBook posts about my life in Lesotho, and been very supportive.

My Danish friend Annette who knew my mother and we've stayed in touch.

My Danish friend Annette who knew my mother and we’ve stayed in touch.

It’s so strange to feel like you can be two different people, one in Lesotho, living a simple life with no luxuries, and another person enjoying the comforts of a western lifestyle.




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  1. Barbara says:

    If anyone deserves a luxe party, you do, Sonia! Have a wonderful time and enjoy every moment of the Holidays!

  2. Suellen Zima says:

    Proves how flexible you can be to find at least a small sense of belonging in very different environments. I’ve often felt I lived many lives in one. During my years of living elsewhere, I sometimes felt like a bridge between very different cultures. And sometimes I felt like a sculptor carving out niches for myself in other worlds I lived in.

  3. dkzody says:

    This looks like a wonderful time, and you certainly deserve a break after all of the hard work you’ve been doing. Your dad and step-mom look wonderful. They must be living a very good life. Just like you!
    dkzody recently posted..Too many books, not enough timeMy Profile

  4. Carol says:

    What a great time you must have had.It would be interesting to know which language you all chose to speak! What an incredible life you’re leading, Sonia.

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