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Vote for Your Favorite May “My Gutsy Story” + Interview

From May 31st- June 13th midnight, PST, you can vote for your favorite May 2012, “My Gutsy Story.” To VOTE, please go to the poll on the right  side of this post. You will find it on the sidebar listing the names of all 4 “My Gutsy Story,” authors. Here are the 4 stories. Only ONE vote per person. 1). Teresa Wendel Teresa proves that with passion, you can accomplish whatever you’ve set your mind to overcome. I enjoyed her story and admire women who can fix things, whether at home, or with their car. As she said herself, “Not bad for a woman who won’t push the buttons Read more [...]

“My Gutsy Story” by Marcia Sargent

For me, living a gutsy life involved not one turning point, but rather a series of choices that led me on a more difficult path. Some people want to be liked, or rich, or powerful or famous. I've always wanted to do the right thing. Life as a child gave me very little power in a house of an ogre of a father and a ghostlike mother. I learned to lie from my mother as a way to survive my father's anger and watched her avoid consequences as long as possible. At the same time I read voraciously all fairytales and myths.  Heroes in fairytales are brave and kind, intelligent and honest. They Read more [...]

Blogging is like online dating: you connect and meet in person.

 Muriel and Sonia Have you ever felt like you know more about your online friends  than your neighbors? Muriel and I arranged to meet at the Paddington station in London, 6000 miles from Orange County,California, where I live. “I’ll be wearing a red coat,” she said. “I’ll be wearing a fuschia jacket,” I replied, knowing full well that we’d find one another as we’ve seen photos on our respective  blogs. In fact, Muriel, submitted a “My Gutsy Story” and I’ve enjoyed her sense of humor. She loves to analyze the Brits from her own French background and makes fun Read more [...]

“My Gutsy Story” by Siv Maria Ottem

My story starts 35 years ago after I had given my son up for adoption. The years in between then and now have left me searching for part of an empty hole in my heart. I tried to fill this empty hole with something else or someone else over and over again. The pain of such loss never goes away no matter how hard you try to replace or ignore it. It is true that the heart can be broken and the soul can be ripped in two and torn. When I left my newborn son in the arms of a stranger I could only hope that the choices others made for me were the right ones. His tiny fingers curled around mine for Read more [...]

Winner of the April “My Gutsy Story” contest

  Greetings from Paris, where I'm announcing the WINNER of the APRIL "My Gutsy Story" contest.     1st place: "Felicitations en francais" Congratulations to Esther Goodman, winner of the April 2012, "My Gutsy Story" contest. In her post, Esther wrote about her Holocaust Revelations. "The journey I took gathering and researching information world wide, and the relationships I formed trying to connect the dots to my mother's past." Your wonderful fans all voted to support you. Well Done Esther. 2nd place:Keren-Nicocole Bunnell. Congratulations Keren. Read more [...]

“My Gutsy Story” by Kathleen Pooler

  Choices and Chances             Sitting by the bay window on that sunny September day in 1989 soon after we moved from Missouri to Cobleskill, New York, I stared out into the afternoon.  I was suspended in a state of pain and worry as I dutifully watched and waited for my fourteen-year old son, Brian, hoping that my anxiety was unjustified. Being a single parent of two teenagers heightened my sense of loneliness and helplessness. I recalled the times I spent waiting for Jim at the dining room window when I was pregnant with Brian. The painful memory repeated itself in brazen Read more [...]

Gutsy Book Buzz Update on Reviews

  CLICK ON MY PODCAST   I have a short update on my podcast below. I shall offer a free copy of my ARC (Advanced Reader Copy) or a pdf version if you prefer, to the first 25 bloggers who agree to write a review. If you're interested in participating, please either leave a comment below, and/or send me your e-mail address and I'll be in touch. My e-mail is Any comments or things you'd like to discuss? Come visit GIP (Gutsy Indie Publishers) on Facebook if you want help deciding how to publish, how to promote, editorial help, or whatever else you're interested Read more [...]
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“My Gutsy Story” by Teresa Wendel

   “Not too many women drive cars like this,” my husband Kurt noted as I admired the vehicle from a distance. The classic ’68 Nova with a hand-lettered “For Sale” sign in the window sported a custom paint job. It came equipped with wide tires and shiny wheels. Sidling up to the car, I opened the driver’s door. The interior was upholstered in slippery black vinyl. It had a new headliner. I slid into the driver’s seat, ran my hand across the dash, and fingered the radio dial. There aren’t many gadgets on the dashboard of a ’68 Nova, and I liked that. Cruise control makes me Read more [...]

Vote for your favorite April “My Gutsy Story”

From May 3rd until May 16th, at midnight, PST, you can vote for your favorite April 2012, “My Gutsy Story.” To VOTE, please go to the poll on the right  side of this post. You will find it on the sidebar listing the names of all 5 “My Gutsy Story,” authors. Here are the 5 fabulous stories. Only ONE vote per person. 1). JoAnn Abraham       2). Esther Goodman     3). Richard White   4). Keren-Niccole Bunnell   5). Rebecca Hall     Thanks to these FIVE wonderful writers Read more [...]