I Wished Him Dead

Forgiveness “My Gutsy Story®” by Leslie Johansen Nack   Forgiving him was something I knew I needed to do. I couldn’t carry this weight around any longer. It was crushing me. But forgiving him was mile fifty and...read more

How I Get Over Being Shy in Front of Audiences

In order to sell books and become a little bit "famous" in your community, writers have to speak in front of their audiences. The problem is, what do you do if you're shy and scared to...read more

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A “Gutsy” 79-year-old drives a FV432 Armoured Personnel Carrier

Driving a Personnel Carrier “My Gutsy Story®” by Barbara Charlene Barker  I try to remember how I got so old. At each birthday I feel as if I am taking another step down the road to perdition....read more

Winner of the July 2014 “My Gutsy Story®” Contest

This May we had FOUR OUTSTANDING  “My Gutsy Story®” authors. Some of these stories will be included in our 3rd “My Gutsy Story®” Anthology, published in 2015.  Thank you to all four authors. Your stories are all WINNERS. Our first place...read more

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“Hang Gliding With My Son”- My Gutsy Story® by Maralys Wills

"High, Wide, and Terrified"   “My Gutsy Story®”- Maralys Wills   IT WAS THE LAST thing in the world I ever expected to do--fly a hang glider off an eleven-hundred-foot cliff, even with my son Bobby as pilot. ...read more

Choosing a Book Cover That Sells

Some of you know that I take great pride in my book covers, and don't like to skimp on quality.   My Gutsy Story® Anthology # 2: Inspirational Short Stories About Taking Chances and Changing Your Life I...read more

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My “Gutsy” Journey to the Dalai Lama’s Potala Palace-Lhasa Tibet

    The Guts to Travel to the Roof of the World   “My Gutsy Story®” by Gisela Hausmann At the age of thirteen I met Heinrich Harrer, confidant and tutor to the Dalai Lama, and author of “Seven Years in...read more

Vote Now For Your Favorite July 2014 “My Gutsy Story®”

  VOTE for your favorite JULY 2014 “My Gutsy Story®” ON THE RIGHT SIDEBAR.  You have from now until  August 13th to vote on the sidebar, (only one vote per person) and the winner will be announced on August 14th, and...read more

Time to Bring Family Secrets and Stories to Light

Perilous Footing on the Path Home   “My Gutsy Story®” by Rita Gardner   The old ferry boat was ready to board. It lurched on frayed ropes each time a wave shoved the dilapidated vessel close enough for another...read more

How Do You Define Success?

  As some of you may know, I wrote a controversial article "Do Authors Make Money? Here's the Truth." In this post I mentioned looking for a job to supplement my indie-publishing endeavors. Some people seemed shocked as...read more

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