A Hardship I Did Not Expect

  Shaka, the skinny mutt, looks at me with her kind, hazel eyes. She’s starving, but she never begs. She sleeps on the step in front of my rondavel, trying to grab some warmth from the gap...read more

Is The Internet Preventing Community Integration?

One of the objectives of the Peace Corps is to have volunteers integrate into their communities, but I started to question whether the Internet is actually having an adverse effect on my ability to fully...read more

Puseletso 12, Looks After 5 Children

Puseletso and Sonia On the first day back to school, after a public holiday, Sister Bernadette, decides to send the children home to collect money for a field trip to Katse Dam next month. Many students have...read more

Children Debate Major Cultural Differences-Gutsy Living

As a Peace Corps volunteer teacher in Lesotho, I'm discovering major cultural differences, even in the classroom. What may seem, "normal" in a school in Lesotho, would be cause for jail, in the U.S. I'm helping...read more

Luxury in Ladybrand-Gutsy Living

After six months in Lesotho, I was finally allowed to leave the country, and spend a luxury day in Ladybrand, South Africa. I took one vacation day to cross the border for a haircut, a...read more

Cultural Differences in Lesotho-Gutsy Living

  I found this sign staring at me as I closed the door in a ladies restroom at the shopping mall in Maseru. I could not resist taking out my camera. The other day, Sister Bernadette, my...read more

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My Weekend Routine in Rural Africa

A friend asked me to explain what my life is like in my rural village in Lesotho, “The Mountain Kingdom” in southern Africa, so I figured I would start with my weekend routine first. It’s nothing...read more

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The Orphans and Vulnerable Children Are Grateful

  When I started teaching English at my rural school in Lesotho, southern Africa, I was shocked by the state of the children’s clothing and shoes. Many had holes in their sweaters, wore shoes with their...read more

Moshoeshoe Day Celebrations: A Big Event in Lesotho

March 11th, was Moshoeshoe Day, pronounced (Moshway-shway) in Lesotho. What is it? It’s the day the Basotho commemorate the death of the country’s founder. All schools, including my small, Catholic school start preparing for this day,...read more

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The Challenges of Teaching English in a Rural School in Lesotho

I knew it would be challenging to teach English to the Basotho children in my rural school in Lesotho, but I never expected the level to be this low. In Lesotho, all subjects (except for Sesotho,...read more

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