This is Where I Shall be Teaching and Living in Lesotho

I’m so excited to know where I shall be teaching and living for the next two years in Lesotho. Our Peace Corps training is almost over, and I'm tired of living out of my more

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Cultural Differences Between Americans and the Basotho

There are major cultural differences between the Americans and the Basotho, and I shall share a few that our Sesotho language teachers gave as examples when comparing life in the U.S. and life and more

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My Daily Life as a Peace Corps Trainee In Lesotho

Here are the latest updates on my daily life as a Peace Corps trainee. Do you remember how upset I was about my laptop screen not working and my camera SD card having a virus? more

Daily Glitches in Lesotho

I'm experiencing a few glitches since I arrived in Lesotho.   My camera SD card is no longer working, and for several days, it was blocked, and I couldn't take any photos. Since we cannot go to town more

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My First Experience Teaching in a Small Village in Lesotho

After two weeks of training in our village, with 36 other Peace Corps volunteers, we were finally given the opportunity to see what it's really like to teach in a small village school. We all boarded more

My new life: What it’s like to live in Lesotho?

My new life: What it's like to live in Lesotho? My life is so different here in Lesotho as a Peace Corps Volunteer. I have so much to share with you; I don’t know where to start. more

A Leatherman, Goal Zero, Gorilla Tape. Packing for Peace Corps

  A Leatherman, Goal Zero solar charger, Gorilla Tape, and a Black Diamond headlamp. I never thought those would be the important items in my suitcase, but apparently so. Peace Corps packing is quite different more

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Check Out My New “Gutsy” Website For the Peace Corps

  Hello Friends, How do you like the new header and video on my blog? The round hut is called a rondavel, from the Afrikaans word rondawel. It's the westernized version of an African-style hut. I love the one more

I’m Going Crazy Getting Ready For the Peace Corps

I'm Going Crazy Getting Ready For the Peace Corps as I only have three weeks left before I board a plane to Philadelphia for "staging." Staging is the word the Peace Corps uses for "meeting more

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Getting Rid of My “Stuff” For the Peace Corps

I never thought it would be this difficult to decide what to keep, what to donate, and what to throw away, before I leave for the Peace Corps. I only have one month before I more

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