Interracial Couple: An Immoral Proposal

  An Immoral Proposal  “My Gutsy Story®” by Jennifer B. Graham The main road flanked by small businesses and industry teemed with dark-skinned people getting ready for their weekend activities. Convenience stores displayed attractive arrangements of tropical more

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  You have from now until September 10th to vote on the sidebar, (only one vote per person) and the winner will be announced on September 11th, and will select a prize from our generous sponsors. Our 1st “My Gutsy Story®”  Gisela Hausmann more

I Wished Him Dead

Forgiveness “My Gutsy Story®” by Leslie Johansen Nack   Forgiving him was something I knew I needed to do. I couldn’t carry this weight around any longer. It was crushing me. But forgiving him was mile fifty more

How I Get Over Being Shy in Front of Audiences

In order to sell books and become a little bit "famous" in your community, writers have to speak in front of their audiences. The problem is, what do you do if you're shy and scared more

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A “Gutsy” 79-year-old drives a FV432 Armoured Personnel Carrier

Driving a Personnel Carrier “My Gutsy Story®” by Barbara Charlene Barker  I try to remember how I got so old. At each birthday I feel as if I am taking another step down the road to more

Winner of the July 2014 “My Gutsy Story®” Contest

This May we had FOUR OUTSTANDING  “My Gutsy Story®” authors. Some of these stories will be included in our 3rd “My Gutsy Story®” Anthology, published in 2015.  Thank you to all four authors. Your stories are all WINNERS. Our first more

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“Hang Gliding With My Son”- My Gutsy Story® by Maralys Wills

"High, Wide, and Terrified"   “My Gutsy Story®”- Maralys Wills   IT WAS THE LAST thing in the world I ever expected to do--fly a hang glider off an eleven-hundred-foot cliff, even with my son Bobby as pilot. more

Choosing a Book Cover That Sells

Some of you know that I take great pride in my book covers, and don't like to skimp on quality.   My Gutsy Story® Anthology # 2: Inspirational Short Stories About Taking Chances and Changing Your Life more

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My “Gutsy” Journey to the Dalai Lama’s Potala Palace-Lhasa Tibet

    The Guts to Travel to the Roof of the World   “My Gutsy Story®” by Gisela Hausmann At the age of thirteen I met Heinrich Harrer, confidant and tutor to the Dalai Lama, and author of “Seven Years more

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