Ian Mathie: A Life of Adventure, Danger and Excitement in Africa

Ian Mathie, one of my favorite memoir authors, has packed more adventure, danger and excitement during his thirty years in Africa, than anyone living a 'normal' life at home. I spent a weekend with Ian and his wife, Gay,...read more

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Volunteer Teaching in Thailand With Bamboo-Project

I need experience teaching before serving with the Peace Corps in Lesotho, South Africa this year, and what better way than volunteer teaching in Thailand with Bamboo Project. Since I love tropical islands, I figured why not pick a...read more

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EatWith.com: Enjoy a Home-Cooked Meal Anywhere in the World

  If you want to experience a home-cooked meal, anywhere in the world, then you're in for a treat with eatwith.com. It all started with Yvonne, my new friend from volunteering at Vaughan Town in Spain. She invited me...read more

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Volunteer In Exchange For Free Hotel and Meals

Do you like meeting people from other countries? Would you like to volunteer in exchange for free hotel and meals? If so, Vaughan Town may be the ideal solution for you. There you get to help Spanish people improve their English...read more

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Have You Tried “Eat With”?

I'm in Spain volunteering with Vaughan Town, and met a lady from Israel who asked me, "Have you tried Eat With?" "No, what is that?" I asked. She told me that eatwith.com, is an Israeli startup website,...read more

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Differences Between a French, a British and an American Gym

  It's been 6 weeks since I left the U.S., and I've worked out at a British gym in Greenwich, London, and a French gym, in the suburbs of Paris. I'm going to share my personal observations...read more

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Serving with the Peace Corps in Lesotho

    For years, I've been telling my friends that I would serve with the Peace Corps when my  children were out of the house. It's something I started talking about ten years ago, and last week, I...read more

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Teach English Abroad with the Cert-TESOL

I've been studying like a crazy woman for the past 4 weeks in order to teach English abroad with the Cert-TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) certificate. This is by no means an easy...read more

Reinventing Myself in Mid-Life

  I've become a student again at age 57, and quite frankly, it feels a little weird. I eat, sleep, and hang my wet laundry in one 8x12 room, but I accept this as a new challenge; part...read more

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Discover Greek Culture

Thanks to travel bloggers, Rebecca Hall, Marissa Tejada and Elena Sergeeva, I was able to experience a unique tour with Discover Greek Culture, a new tour operator in Greece, that specializes in offering archaeological, gastronomic, historical and artistic tours, to groups...read more

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