Who Are You?

When I first moved to my village in Lesotho, Africa, everyone asked me "Who Are You? It wasn't until I read a blog post entitled: “One Question You Should Ask Everyone You Meet,” “Who Are You?” instead of: “What Do...read more

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Is Medication Overprescribed in Lesotho?

  After living in Lesotho for almost a year, I have experienced two cases of overprescribed medication and agree with the results of a new study that shows that: “Doctors in sub-Sahara Africa generally prescribe more drugs...read more

Update on My Lesotho Community Project

    I've been working hard and fast to submit the application to start funding my Peace Corps Community Project. As you can see, the roof and ceiling collapsed at my school, and I hope you can help fund...read more

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Recycling Trash to Toys

  Twice a week, I burn my trash in a small pit outside my rondavel. Tremendous guilt sets in the minute I strike the match, realizing that I’m contributing towards global warming. Each time, I’m surprised to...read more

Online Dating: My Coping Mechanism for Boredom

The Peace Corps warned us that boredom and loneliness may cause a problem at times, and asked us to think of some coping mechanisms. I came up with a new one: online dating. My days are...read more

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When to Give Money and When Not To

One of the challenges I face while serving as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Lesotho, Africa, is when to give money and when not to. My views on this matter are constantly changing based on...read more

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My Community Development Project in Lesotho

  After ten months in Lesotho, I’ve finally figured out a community development project that the principal, teachers and parents at my rural school, show positive signs of being invested in. My original project of starting a...read more

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My First Basotho Funeral

  It’s very sad but there seems to be at least one funeral every Saturday in my village in Lesotho, Africa, and I experienced my first Basotho funeral yesterday. My counterpart, the 7th grade teacher at my...read more

My Marriage Proposal in a Taxi

Today was one of those “rare” days in Lesotho, were everything fell into place, and to top it all off, I received a marriage proposal. I’m not sure how this happened, but it might have...read more

Panic Mode The Morning of My Peace Corps Presentation

To say that I was in panic mode the morning of my Peace Corps presentation is an understatement; I couldn't open any files on my computer. Fortunately my local Geek Squad came to the rescue...read more

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