A Memoir Can be Hard to Write—But You Can Do It!

A Memoir Can be Hard to Write—But You Can Do It! (I am hosting Denis Ledoux on my blog to share his e-books: How to Start to Write Your Memoir which is Book One in the seven-part...read more

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Does it Take Guts to Leave a Marriage?

  I was talking to Donna, an author and a life coach, about ideas for my next blog post. Donna knows my theme is "Gutsy Living" and she texted me, "It takes guts to leave a marriage... Did...read more

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“Choosing One’s Battles Wisely”

“Choosing One’s Battles Wisely” “My Gutsy Story®” Donna L. Friess “Choosing one’s battles” that’s good advice as it illustrates another way to live a gutsy life. It takes guts to hold back one’s emotions and not jump eagerly...read more

How I’m Saving Money With Airbnb

    Have you ever thought of renting a castle, a houseboat at the foot of the Eiffel Tower, or a cute, inexpensive apartment in your favorite city? If so, airbnb might be the community you're looking for. What is...read more

Is “Painting and Vino” Gutsy? What Do You Think?

  On the day after Valentine's Day, I signed up for a class on the Living Social app called: "Painting and Vino," which took place at the Balboa Inn, a beautiful beach side resort, in southern California. Since I...read more

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Winner of the January 2015 “My Gutsy Story®”

We had FOUR OUTSTANDING “My Gutsy Story®” authors. Thank you for submitting and for voting. These 4 authors are all WINNERS.       Winner of the January 2015 “My Gutsy Story®”   1st Place, with 59% of the votes, goes...read more

Our Final Gutsy Move

"Our Gutsy Final Move" “My Gutsy Story®” Barbara Hammond Moving is daunting under any circumstances. I grew up moving, like gypsies, attending fourteen schools in twelve years, four of them in sixth grade. When I married, my husband’s...read more

I Discovered a Way to Pay Less On Airfares

  I love to plan flights, especially when I can outsmart the high costs, and often inconvenient times, offered on sites like Travelocity and Orbitz.  I treat the process like a giant puzzle, taking each piece, one step at...read more

Finding the Guts to Change

 "Finding the Guts to Change" “My Gutsy Story®”-Donna Friess One of the truly gutsiest things I have ever done was become brave enough to give up my college teaching career after 45 years.  Across the years, when...read more

January 2015 Vote For Your Favorite “My Gutsy Story®”

PLEASE VOTE NOW for our January 2015  “My Gutsy Story®”  You have from now, until February 11th,  to vote on the sidebar, (only one vote per person) and the winner will be announced on February 12th and will select a prize from...read more