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Freeways to Flip-Flops



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Publishing contract

 Our goal for the My Gutsy Story® Anthology is to become the New Chicken Soup for the Soul® 


Book cover  #3





Get Published in the My Gutsy Story®  2015 Anthology # 3


  • My Gutsy Story® Anthology has won 4 significant Awards  (see  below)
  • Your story will get new readers on the popular  GUTSY LIVING ™ site and promoted on all social media
  • A monthly vote and the WINNER gets to pick a prize from our list of Sponsors.
  • Professional editing of all stories before publication
  • Professional Book Cover Design and Interior Formatting by Award-winning 1106 Design Company.
  • All published stories will be promoted in the media and press.MEDIA ADVISORY-Bring out the Gutsy in You-Event
  • We offer our authors books at cost so you can sell them for profit
  • You website and bio is published in the Anthology giving you more exposure
  • Sponsors participate in our event and offer door prizes. See 2013 sponsor list.
  • You receive a print copy of the My Gutsy Story® Anthology.


To Get Published in the My Gutsy Story®  2015 Anthology # 3

Only $79

(Each story is subject to approval)

Check out the submission guidelines here

 (We are still accepting stories each Monday for free, however, to get published in the Anthology, there is a fee)


My Gutsy Story® Anthology: True Stories of Love, Courage and Adventure From Around the World, is a GOLD MEDAL WINNER in the Anthologies category.


My Gutsy Story® Anthology: True Stories of Love, Courage and Adventure From Around the World, is a FINALIST at the 2014 International Book Awards.

International Book Awards Finalist 2014

My Gutsy Story® Anthology: True Stories of Love, Courage and Adventure From Around the World, is a WINNER at the 2014 Paris Book Festival.


Paris bookfestival

My Gutsy Story® Anthology: True Stories of Love, Courage and Adventure From Around the World, has been named a 2013 Benjamin Franklin Award Silver Honoree Winner.

Benjamin Franklin Awards

  • E-Lit Awards 2013  Freeways to Flip-Flops: A Family’s Year of Gutsy Living on a Tropical Island, received 1st Place

Submission guidelines here


Every Monday, we shall feature a short story on “Gutsy Living”  about something Gutsy you have done in your life that either:

  • Changed you.
  • Changed the way you think about something.
  • Made your life take a different direction.

You can check out all the details on the Join the “My Gutsy Story” contest page.

I would like to thank the following sponsors who are offering their services or prizes to the winner of the weekly  “My Gutsy Story” contest. Each month, the winner gets to pick one prize from the list below.




  • Jerry Waxler is a memoir expert with six years of blogging history and two books about memoirs, Learn to Write Your Memoir and the recently published Memoir Revolution. If you select Jerry he will send you these two books (mailed in North America), and offer a free consultation about your memoir synopsis. The consultation will consist of you emailing him a 500 word description of the story, and his written or telephone response.

    Memoir Revolution







  • The Emotion Thesaurus: A Writer’s Guide to Character Expression is a writer’s best friend, helping to navigate the challenging terrain of showing character emotion. This brainstorming tool explores seventy-five emotions and provides a large selection of body language, internal sensations, actions and thoughts associated with each.

Emotion Cover


   ( .pdf version of Angela’s book is offered.)

  • Carolyn Howard-Johnson, a new sponsor for 2013,  is offering a free copy of her e-book The Frugal Editor. Instructor for nearly a decade at the renowned UCLA Extension Writers’ Program Author of the multi award-winning series of HowToDoItFrugally books including the second edition honored by USA BOOK NEWS.

Frugal Editor,jpg

  • Carolyn offers an e-copy of her Great Little Last-Minute Editing Tips to those who sign up for her newsletter. You can sign up at


  • Jason Matthews  is offering a free ebook of his biggest seller, How to Make, Market and Sell Ebooks All for Free.“Since the contest winners have such a compelling story, this guide will benefit them tremendously if they decide to publish their tale to an even larger audience like with Amazon Kindle. Ebooks are available in pdf, epub and mobi format.”
  • Jason Matthews free e-book

  • Writer’s Digest  is offering a one-year free subscription to the winner of “My Gutsy Story.” A great magazine with so many tips for fiction and non-fiction writers.

Writer’s Digest

  • Power Coaching Hour with Shannon Hernandez, The Writing Whisperer.
    Do you need to discuss the overall vision for your nonfiction book, or a particular “sticky part” that has you baffled? In one of my Power Coaching Hour sessions, I will help you gain clarity, and together we will create a fresh perspective in a focused, supportive hour long call.
Shannon Hernandez

Shannon Hernandez

  •  Dorit Sasson, is the creator of Giving Voice to Your Story. She’s offering a 45 minute story strategy session designed to help you get clear on how to use your personal story whether it’s for your website, marketing copy, or a book writing project.


  • 1-Dorit-With-Book-261x300

    Dorit Sasson



  • Maralys Wills, is offering a professional, line-by-line critique of somebody’s first five, double-spaced pages.  For 25 years she has taught novel-writing and memoirs. Maralys Wills’ twelve published books span several genres and publishers.  Her fiction works include four romance novels published by Harlequin and Silhouette, and a techno-thriller about airplane sabotage.

Maralys Wills


  • Marla Miller offers one Free Quick Query Critique/month. She is the expert on Query letters whether you are seeking the attention of an agent, a publisher, a magazine editor or if you wish to offer a guest post on a large blog. She will guide you in making your query hook the reader from the start. (Marla has offered her expertise to one winner/month)

Marla Miller “Quick Query Critiques”



  • Regency Theaters in southern California. (2 Free Movie Tickets) compliments of Larry Poricelli.

Regency Theaters 2 free tickets

Larry Poricelli, Regency Theater General Manager



  • Sharon Goldinger with PeopleSpeak is offering a 45-minute consultation. She is a book shepherd and book editor who consults with authors (on the different publishing options available) and publishers (on editorial, production management, and marketing issues) regarding a variety of nonfiction book topics.



Marcia Meier


  • Editor Eve Gumpel, is offering a free chapter (12 pages max) complete line/copy edit, so you can see what a professionally edited chapter looks like. Eve is my editor, and I highly recommend her.

Eve Gumpel Editor

  • Annabel Candy from “Get in the Hot Spot” and “Successful Blogging” is offering a free copy of her wonderful “Successful Blogging in 12 Simple Steps” e-book. I used it to improve “Gutsy Living.” Annabel can also take care of your blog design leaving you free to do what you love best – the writing.

Annabel Candy


Guidelines and how to submit your “My Gutsy Story” are on contest page.

Good luck. Thanks to all our sponsors and future sponsors coming along.

Please share with other writers, and anyone you know who has an exciting  “My Gutsy Story.”