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My new life: What it’s like to live in Lesotho?

My new life: What it's like to live in Lesotho? My life is so different here in Lesotho as a Peace Corps Volunteer. I have so much to share with you; I don’t know where to start. Instead of writing a super-long blog post, I’ve decided to share the basics about my new life as a Peace Corps volunteer in training. I’m sure you want to see photos of where I live, my new host family, and my rural surroundings. I’m now living with donkeys, dogs (a ton of them,) roosters, chickens, sheep, and numerous cats, especially kittens. Whenever I have access to an Internet connection, and Read more [...]

Check Out My New “Gutsy” Website For the Peace Corps

  Hello Friends, How do you like the new header and video on my blog? The round hut is called a rondavel, from the Afrikaans word rondawel. It's the westernized version of an African-style hut. I love the one I selected as it has a turquoise door. I might live in a rondavel in Lesotho, while I serve as a primary education teacher in Southern Africa. In case you didn't know, I'm heading off to the Peace Corps. I want my new "look" to fit the changes in my life, and my casual video, and natural curly hair, are part of that change, and the new me. Did you watch my Read more [...]

Why I’m Celebrating Peace Corps Week

As many of you know, I have a strong desire to serve in the Peace Corps. Things did not go as smoothly as I had hoped, but I am keeping my fingers crossed this time. My interview finally took pace on February 27th, and lasted almost two hours. I answered all the questions to the best of my ability, and although I had prepared ahead of time, practicing with my RPCV (Returned Peace Corps Volunteer) friends, I found it quite intense. I was mentally drained after my two-hour phone interview, and longed for a Yes/No answer. It did end on a positive note and I was told to continue learning Read more [...]
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“Choosing One’s Battles Wisely”

“Choosing One’s Battles Wisely” “My Gutsy Story®” Donna L. Friess “Choosing one’s battles” that’s good advice as it illustrates another way to live a gutsy life. It takes guts to hold back one’s emotions and not jump eagerly into a negative situation.  I want to share a moment around our home which illustrates my point. My husband and I are caring for our grand dog Buddy while our youngest son and his family are skiing. Recently, I let Buddy and our three dogs out one last time before bed.  For a moment all four dogs seemed to disappear into the inky darkness. Suddenly Read more [...]

Winner of the January 2015 “My Gutsy Story®”

We had FOUR OUTSTANDING “My Gutsy Story®” authors. Thank you for submitting and for voting. These 4 authors are all WINNERS.       Winner of the January 2015 “My Gutsy Story®”   1st Place, with 59% of the votes, goes to Connie Fenty with her inspiring “My Gutsy Story®”entitled: "How I Learned to Let Go of Security." SONIA MARSH SAYS: I admire the way you were able to use the courage and resilience you received from your your boot camp experience, and apply it to  tragedy in your life. 2nd Place, with 24% of the votes, goes Read more [...]

Our Final Gutsy Move

"Our Gutsy Final Move" “My Gutsy Story®” Barbara Hammond Moving is daunting under any circumstances. I grew up moving, like gypsies, attending fourteen schools in twelve years, four of them in sixth grade. When I married, my husband’s career involved moving regularly. With a young family it was stressful, but we managed ten moves in the first ten years. We weren’t particularly savvy with money, but we made smart Real Estate investments over the years. Someone once told me, “Put your money in Real Estate. They’re not making any more land!” It was good advice. We’ve Read more [...]

Finding the Guts to Change

 "Finding the Guts to Change" “My Gutsy Story®”-Donna Friess One of the truly gutsiest things I have ever done was become brave enough to give up my college teaching career after 45 years.  Across the years, when I asked my colleagues if there was life outside the hallowed walls of my college, Cypress College, they thought I was kidding and laughed at me, but I wasn’t  kidding.  I knew my life worked.  I adored the students and they adored me, but the 75 mile-a -day commute was getting to seem longer with each passing decade.   One year, far past when I was eligible for retirement, Read more [...]

January 2015 Vote For Your Favorite “My Gutsy Story®”

PLEASE VOTE NOW for our January 2015  “My Gutsy Story®”  You have from now, until February 11th,  to vote on the sidebar, (only one vote per person) and the winner will be announced on February 12th and will select a prize from our generous sponsors. Our 1st “My Gutsy Story®” is from Kenn Aschcraft., "From Morbid Obesity to Taking Charge of my Life." Our 2nd “My Gutsy Story®” is from Suzanne Chun, "How to Take a Leap, and Another and Another, Until You Get it Right." Our 3rd “My Gutsy Story®” is from Lola De Maci, "What Mom Taught me About Life." Our Read more [...]

How I Learned to Let Go of Security

  “My Gutsy Story®” Connie Fenty Even now, 30 years later, I can recall the sharpening of my senses and how I responded to the growing fear of what I was about to do that night.  Standing in the midst of the forest, my feet cushioned by winter softened leaves, I peered at the jungle gym of ropes in the branches of the trees far above me.  This was the famous challenge course of the West Virginia Outward Bound School.  Now it was my turn to climb up to the first of several obstacles requiring courage and agility.  I knew on a rational level that I would be safely attached at each Read more [...]

“My New Life” Chapter One

I am turning a new chapter in my life prompted by my divorce after a 28-year marriage. Instead of feeling "sorry" for myself, I've opted to view this as an opportunity to explore new avenues and adventures. As I often say to others: "There are always options in life. View setbacks as opportunities to do something new and don't be afraid to take a risk." Baby boomer women are taking charge of their life and according to: New York Times "Divorce After 50" "So much for “till death do us part.” For the first time, more Americans 50 and older are divorced than widowed, and the numbers Read more [...]