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The Gift of Bold Living

The Gift of Bold Living “My Gutsy Story®” Nancy Sharp The date, June 17, 2006, was a defining one: widowed and with five-year-old twins in tow, I headed west to Denver. Life in New York City after 18 years just wasn’t worth the fast, noisy, people-populated-like-ants, cash-depleting hassles-everywhere grind. Certainly, I was sad to leave behind family and friends, but the prospect of a different life, one that I could invent, was too fierce a pull to ignore. Moving to Colorado was more than the dawn of a new decade (I had just turned 40); it would be my Act II. Much has changed these Read more [...]

How Could This Happen? I’d Done Everything Right

The day I started telling myself the truth  “My Gutsy Story®” Robin Korth It was an August afternoon in 2006. I was standing in the quiet of my living room. The “whoosh” of the air-conditioned air coming from the vent above my head made the silence hard to ignore. The room felt very large. I felt very small. My husband had moved out two weeks earlier. My son was away at summer camp. My daughter was somewhere else. I was utterly and totally alone—not a single soul needed me or cared where I was. The chill of this truth arrowed my heart and I began to cry. Then I began to sob. Then Read more [...]

Winner of the April 2014 “My Gutsy Story®” Contest

This April we had FOUR OUTSTANDING  “My Gutsy Story®” authors. Their stories will be included in our 2nd “My Gutsy Story®” Anthology, published in the Fall of 2014.  Thank you to all four authors. Your stories are all WINNERS. Our first place goes to Ginger Simpson won 1st Place for her “My Gutsy Story®" about whether she caused her husband to turn to drink. The phrase that struck me in Ginger's inspiring story is: “Wanting someone to change isn’t enough. They have to WANT the change.”   2nd Place goes to Kathy Gamble, about finding her way as Read more [...]

How I Started My New Life

  New Life  “My Gutsy Story®” Laura McHale Holand The Icelandair flight taxis down the runway. I peer out the window, a brown suede shoulder bag clutched to my chest. Moments later, the jet lifts off and zooms toward the clouds. New York City shrinks, the North American continent recedes, and it hits me: we’re crossing the Atlantic; there’s no turning back. I open my bag to affirm the travelers checks, passport and open-ended return ticket are tucked where I last saw them—about a minute ago. Also inside is a note with the address of a friend of a friend in Switzerland, Read more [...]

What I Did To Make My Life Happy

Not My Dream, But My Life “My Gutsy Story®” Jennifer Barclay I spent my fortieth birthday not being whisked away to a Spanish city for a romantic weekend, as had been hinted in what now seemed the distant past, but weeping and shaky with my parents. This wasn’t how it was supposed to be. My life had seemed to be coming together, at last settling into year two with a nice man. We were talking about moving somewhere beautiful together. Then he changed his mind. For a while, the only option was falling apart at the seams. All I’d wanted was a simple, comfortable happiness at Read more [...]

Vote For Your Favorite April “My Gutsy Story®”

      Get ready to VOTE for your favorite one of 4 “My Gutsy Story®” submissions. You have from now until  May 14th to vote on the sidebar, (only one vote per person) and the winner will be announced on May 15th (from Spain!) and will select a prize from our generous sponsors. Our 1st “My Gutsy Story®” is by Kathy Gamble. SONIA SAYS: Kathy makes us feel what it's like to live the expat life and try to adapt to the people and customs in each country.     Our 2nd “My Gutsy Story®” is by Benny Wasserman SONIA MARSH Read more [...]

The Impact of One Teenage Friend Who Cared

A Teenager Who Cared “My Gutsy Story®” Benny Wasserman “The glory of friendship is not the outstretched hand, not the kindly smile, nor the joy of companionship; it is the spiritual inspiration that comes to one when you discover that someone else believes in you" ― Ralph Waldo Emerson For many years I told people a book by Jack London turned my life aroun¬d. It turns out the teenager who gave me that book was more important than the book itself. In the end it was this high school friend, whose faith in me changed the course of my life. My father was fifty-two when I was born. He Read more [...]

Vote For Your Favorite March 2014 “My Gutsy Story®”

Get ready to VOTE for your favorite one of 5 “My Gutsy Story®” submissions. You have from now until  April 16th to vote on the sidebar, (only one vote per person) and the winner will be announced on April 17th, and will select a prize from our generous sponsors. Our 1st “My Gutsy Story®” is by Yelena Parker. SONIA SAYS: Yelena is living life to the fullest and stepping out of your comfort zone. She is volunteering in Tanzania right now, and I have the pleasure of doing a Google+ Hangout with her on April 10th, about her experiences there. Our 2nd “My Gutsy Story®” Read more [...]

Sometimes we have to save ourselves. How Poetry Saved My Life

Poetry Saved My Life “My Gutsy Story®” by Angela Marie Carter We don't have to die in order to stop living. In fact, most of my childhood and teen years were a form of sleeprunning, (not to be confused with sleepwalking), that led to my one and only suicide attempt. At around 15-years of age, I made a decision to play Russian Roulette with medication. I laid there accepting my fate, genuinely spoke to God for the first time, and felt a longing for the future I had just robbed myself of. I survived, and would say it was the first near-death experience of my many near-life experiences. It Read more [...]

“Doing Everything, Being Happy” by Peter Jones

   On my thirty-second birthday, as I sat at my mother’s dining room table in front of a large cake, thirty two candles threatening to ignite my beard should I lean too far forward, I realised that the only ambition I had left in life – the only dream I hadn’t given up on – was to be married. Or at least in some sort of steady, loving relationship. A long term partnership with someone whose ying was a close match to my less than melodic yang. But even this, this last naive expectation of life, was looking increasingly unlikely. Every candle on that cake was some sort of Read more [...]