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Less Stuff = Freedom + Happiness

I'm a "happy" person so why did I buy a book called, Happier: Learn the Secrets to Daily Joy and Lasting Fulfillment, by  Tal Ben-Shahar, Ph.D? Because it explains why I want to go back to Africa, and work with people who have far less than me. Here's why: "While levels of material prosperity are on the rise, so are levels of depression. Even though our generation--in most Western countries as well as in an increasing number of places in the East--is wealthier than previous generations, we are not happier for it." --Tal Ben-Shahar, Ph.D. I've been trying to figure out why I have become Read more [...]

Please VOTE for me so I can give shoes to kids in need

When I hear that kids cannot attend school because they don't have shoes, I know something is wrong. In fact, it brings back memories of when I volunteerd at a Mayan village in the heart of Belize. I heard Blake Mycoskie, the founder of TOMS shoes share a story about his trip to Argentina where a woman ran up to him in tears. At first he thought they were tears of sorrow, and after hearing her story, Blake found out why she was so happy. This is what she told Blake. On Monday, my oldest son gets the pair of shoes and can walk to school. On Tuesday, it's my middle son who gets to wear Read more [...]

I Can’t Believe I Have John McAfee As a Facebook Friend

Yes, you heard me right. John McAfee, the anti-virus pioneer who is being sought  for questioning about a murder case, lives on the island of Ambergris Caye, where my family lived for one year. Thanks to a mutual contact on the island, I became "friends" with him on Facebook. It's not like I ever wrote to him on FB, however, today with US News covering the scandal with John McAfee, it no longer  surprises me to read about crime, gossip, guns, drugs and dog killings on the island where we lived. Even the Telegraph has an appropriate title: John McAfee: sex, drugs and anti-virus software. John Read more [...]

Are French Parents More Gutsy?

After reading an article in the Wall Street Journal about "Why French Parents are Superior"  by Pamela Druckerman, it finally hit me that some of my child-rearing methods are actually more French than I care to admit. I'm not French, but I spent a good chunk of my youth growing up in the suburbs of Paris. My three sons are adults now, and grew up in the U.S., however, Druckerman brought up one main difference between French parenting and American parenting that struck a chord.  She said, "Who's the boss?" She then gave the French answer: French parents say, "It's me who decides." Who's Read more [...]

Gutsy cave-tubing in Belize

After our morning of zip-lining and repelling, we welcomed a quick Belizean lunch consisting of chicken, rice and beans, with fresh, juicy pineapple for dessert. Now it was time for the six young women and I, to try cave-tubing in the underground caves of the meandering Caves Branch River.  In a weird way, I looked forward to overcoming my fear of claustrophobia, and what better place than in the underground caves where the Mayans had once lived and worshipped. Considering this happened to be one of the most popular tours in Belize, I refused to back out. Photo Read more [...]
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One Gutsy thing I did in Belize

Only seven women signed up for the zip-lining and cave-tubing tour in Belize, and they were half my age. With a life-long fear of heights, I forced myself to be Gutsy, and play Tarzan for a day. Our adventure started the minute we boarded a retired American school bus and bounced all the way to Jaguar Paw Jungle Reserve, a tribal style resort located on 215 acres of jungle reserve in the heart of Belize. The Caves Branch River meandered through the jungle with several miles of underground caves where the Mayans once lived and worshiped. Two young Belizean men led us on a steep path to Read more [...]

How can I change? Call the expert on 9/22/11.

Are you sabotaging your own dreams? Do you try a diet and exercise program and then give up? Do you compare yourself to others and then give up? Do you blame external events on why you're not getting results? On Thursday September 22nd, at 4 pm PST, you get the chance to call expert Robert Macphee.  He shall answer your questions related to, "How to get out of your comfort zone and get the change you want." Please call in with your questions: When: Thursday September 22nd, 4 pm PST. Dial In number:  (712) 432-0404 Participant Code  702847# Robert MacPhee is the author Read more [...]

The Satisfaction of Enough

[Photo credits: guitars: fotobicchio and shoes: Orin Zebest] “That’s so cool. That’s awesome!” an irritating squeaky voice kept repeating. She looked no more than six, her cell phone glued to her ear. I stood behind her, waiting my turn in the “15 items or less” check-out line, still on a high from all the choices of breads, cereals and vegetables at my local grocery store. My family and I had just returned from our year on Ambergris Caye, an island with only 11,000 people in the Caribbean. We were lucky when Superbuy carried fresh milk, and in heaven when we found ice cream. Read more [...]

Is blogging messing with your mind?

Victoria House, Ambergris Caye, Belize For once, I'm determined to get my posts ready for the week. It's Sunday afternoon and I've been glued to my office chair, staring at my computer for several hours. What the hell am I doing? the sun is shining and I'm inside my kitchen writing. (No need to tell me I'm crazy, I already realize that thank you.) Fortunately, I find a blog post that resonates with what I'm thinking today and it's called: "5 ways fear can mess up your blog," by Tess Marshall from The Bold Life. Tess points out "5 ways fear steals your joy and what action you can take Read more [...]

Making Love in Paradise

 HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY TO ALL Laguna Beach, CA February 13, 2011 When my husband and I moved to Belize, I knew we'd found the perfect place for romance. The two of us would embrace on the powdery sand with the sun’s warmth caressing our bodies. After a couple of exotic coconut rum punches, passion would take over, right? Wrong! A primitive hut on stilts is not the place for a fulfilling love life. There’s a limit to how many coconut rum punches you can knock back while ignoring scorpions, large spiders, sweaty odors and sand flies sharing your bed. Having a mosquito net made no difference; Read more [...]
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