Why Indie Authors and Publishers Need to Join the Community

Angela Bole, Executive Director of IBPA

Angela Bole, Executive Director of IBPA


It wasn’t until I read best-selling indie author, Hugh Howey’s statement, in the April 2014 Independent Book Publishers Association (IBPA) magazine that I realized how we, as  indie authors and publishers, or (if you prefer the term self-published authors) have become a HUGE COMMUNITY of individuals who are more giving and helpful to one another than any other group I’ve come across.

As Hugh Howey says:

“I haven’t seen this discussed anywhere else (makes me wonder if it’s a daft idea), but I think:

  • the #1 advantage self-published authors have right now is a sense of community.

“We hang out in the same forums (usually KBoard’s Writers’ Cafe); we chat with each other on FB and in private groups and through e-mail lists; we congregate at conventions and conferences; and we share with one another. We share sales data. We share promotional tools and ideas. We let one another know what works and what doesn’t. If thre’s a glitch with a distributor, we point it out. If there’s a way to increase visibility, we tell everyone. If we stumble upon a secret, we broadcast it.”

In my interview today with Angela Bole, Executive Director of IBPA, we discuss:

What #Indie  authors/publishers need to know about:

  • The benefits of joining IBPA,
  • Publishing University
  • Learning center for authors, indie publisher
  • Benjamin Franklin Book Awards
  • American Library Associaiton annual meeting and IBPA
  • Other trade shows indie authors can benefit from as a member of IBPA like BEA
  • “Goodies” you get like discounts etc. as a member of IBPA

I know this may sound strange, but after reading Hugh Howie’s statement, and IBPA’s slogan “Helping each other achieve and succeed,” it suddenly occurred to me that indie authors are ONE BIG FAMILY, who truly want to help others succeed.

I attended the IBPA Publishing University conference in San Francisco this year and noticed how I belonged to a community. There, people wanted to connect and help one another. Unlike many writers’ conferences I’ve attended in the past, Publishers University didn’t seem like writers were in competition with one another. Instead, we were collaborating. Larger conferences where writers’ are trying to get the attention of agents and publishers, has a certain competitive aspect to it, and therefore I believe we cannot truly be ourselves and relax. Just my opinion.




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