Winner of the August “My Gutsy Story” contest

Congratulations to Laura Dennis, winner of the August “My Gutsy Story” contest who succeeded in getting 122 votes from all her fans. I also want to congratulate Sharon Melton Lippincott in second place, as well as Heidi Morrell and Barbara Ehrentreu for sharing their inspiring stories.

Laura Dennis, 1st Place

 Laura Dennis
Congratulation to Laura Dennis.

Sonia Marsh Says: Laura, what a thought-provoking story about being both the adoptive mother, the adopted child and the birth mother.

Sharon Melton Lippincott

 Sharon Melton Lippincott takes 2nd place.

Sonia Marsh Says: Your story is about taking risks, even though you might be risking disapproval and/or disappointment with a family member. As Samantha White commented, “We can find it within ourselves every time we choose to break a pattern of behavior.”

Heidi Morrell

Heidi Morrell, came in 3rd place.

Sonia Marsh Says: Heidi Morell is a true inspiration to all of us, especially when we take our health for granted. Heidi has MSA and reminds us to “appreciate what we have right now,” and that, “it can always be worse.”

Barbara Ehrentreu 4th place winner.

Sonia Marsh Says: Barbara Ehrentreu shared her beautiful story of the power of love, and how her “gutsy” decision at twenty, was the right one for her.

You are all WINNERS, with such amazing writing and stories to share. Thank you for participating, and to all VOTERS for taking part.

Our WINNER Laura Dennis, gets to select his prize from our new list of SPONSORS,


Do you have a “My Gutsy Story” you’d like to share?

To submit your own, “My Gutsy Story” you can find all the information, and our sponsors on the “My Gutsy Story” contest page. (VIDEO) Submission guidelines here.

Two September stories are up. So far we have Tom Cirignano  “My Gutsy Story” and Tracy Leigh Ball “My Gutsy Story.”

I hope you enjoy the “My Gutsy Story” series and share with others through the links below. Perhaps you’d like to submit your own. Thanks.

 Sonia Marsh is on her virtual blog tour this month.

Please check out these wonderful ladies who have hosted me on their blogs, and tomorrow 9-14-12, I shall be on My Rite of Passage, Belinda Nicoll’s blog.

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  1. Avery Rowano says:

    Also i want to congratulate to Laura Dennis with you. Because of winning the second place on “My Gutsy Story” contest. It’s a great news for us.
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  2. Congratulations to Laura for first place and to Sharon,Heidi and Barbara for your inspiring “Gutsy” stories! You are all winners.
    Kathleen Pooler recently posted..Reflections on Trauma in Memoir: A 9/11 Tribute by Laura DennisMy Profile

  3. Asa Ernest says:

    Of course i want to share it and congratulations to all of you.
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