What does your face say about you?

Have you ever thought of what your face reveals to others based solely on your facial features?

What if there’s more to the structure of a face than we are aware of? Is it possible to learn some tips that can help us interact with family members, work colleagues, clients and friends?

What if you could figure out how to land a job or a business deal by studying the face of the person who is going to interview you before the meeting?

Could face reading help you with:

  • a problem child
  • a difficult spouse
  • a new relationship
  • a mother-in-law you can’t figure out
  • a boss you can’t handle
  • co-workers who are difficult to work with

Is there a way to improve our relationships with others, or learn who might not be a good fit for us based on what a face reveals?

Most of us may not be gifted in the art of face reading, so let me explain how I became interested in the topic and what it is.

I met Barbara Roberts, author of Face Reading: How to Know Anyone at a Glance, at The Inside Edge, a networking group at  the University of California, Irvine.  She has been on 50 National and local TV stations, including the Tyra Banks Show and NBC Nightly News. As Barbara explains in the quote from her website below, face reading is not new.

“Face Reading is an ancient psychological system of understanding a person’s character from his (or her) facial features. In looking at more than 6,000 faces in over 300 classes, Barbara has identified specific, psychological meanings for each facial feature. Abraham Lincoln chose his cabinet using this system. Aristotle hand-selected the generals for Alexander the Great by their lower-jaw structure. This approach honors all ethnic backgrounds, ages, and genders.”

Barbara claims that facial features fall into 3 categories:

1, What we’re born with, (high ears, narrow set eyes, etc.)

2. How we like to look, (changing our hair color)

3. Accidents, surgeries, orthodontia, and (plastic surgery falls into this category.)

Barbara decided to give the audience face reading based on two distinct facial features:

  • Forehead shape
  • Eyebrow shape

She asked us to pull back our hair so she could make a quick scan of the room and select a few who had those specific features.

Being Gutsy and curious, I pulled my hair back and practically pushed my forehead in front of her eyes so Barbara would pick me, and she did.

There were drawings of various shapes of foreheads on a card, some examples of drawing on Barbara’s website:

  • round
  • square
  • widow’s peak
  • wispy corners (tiny wisps of hair in the outer corners of the corners/forehead)

I have the widow’s peak forehead, which you can see on page 31 of Face Reading: How to Know Anyone at a Glance

So the psychological meaning for me was:

I like a relaxed lifestyle and to dress casually. That is very true, especially when I lived in Belize (photos taken by me in Belize). I don’t like to be told what to do, (True) and if I were single on a date, the widow’s peak is the type who says, “Let’s explore together what we want to do for our future.” (true for me.) I don’t like to waste time being superficial.

A few other facts, a round forehead means a people person, many long-term friendships, good relationships. Barbara mentioned if you’re applying for a loan, and you have a rounded forehead, show it.

A square forehead, means you’re career driven, work long hours at the office, focused. No time for a personal life.

We also looked at eyebrow shapes, for example, flat , straight eyebrows mean you’re shy and introverted, rounded eyebrows, “creates harmonious relationships, likes a peaceful home environment.”

Every facial feature is covered in the book in great detail, including Botox and plastic surgery, for those of you who might be skeptical.

So what do you think? If you’re having trouble with someone in your personal or professional life would you like Barbara to analyze that person’s face and help you learn how to handle their personality traits?

Her contact information is on her website. Photo of Barbara Roberts above, from her blog.


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  1. Barbara says:

    Fascinating Sonia! I’m always interested in these kinds of psychological analysis.

    I’ll check out her book.

  2. winsomebella says:

    I can think of a several friends who fit the description for their forehead type. Not sure about me though—I am thinking I have a square forehead and that description doesn’t fit me. Interesting!
    winsomebella recently posted..An Imperfect StormMy Profile

    • Gutsy Writer says:

      Send me a photo of your forehead and perhaps it’s not square. Or send a photo to Barbara is you want a professional to give you advice.

  3. Philip says:

    Very interesting and well presented!!

  4. Lady Fi says:

    Interesting topic. But I’m not sure I believe that the shapes of our faces decide who we are. We are the ones who shape our lives and rise up to meet the circumstances – it’s what’s inside our heads that matters most.
    Lady Fi recently posted..StardustMy Profile

    • Gutsy Writer says:

      Lady Fi,

      I agree and am not familiar with all the facts. All I know is that Barbara mentioned she’s worked for the police departments and in her book she points out an interesting story about what happened when she was asked to look at photos of Oprah’s staff and actually gave advice on one staff member who she thought was causing a problem. That was Oprah’s best friend and a year later, she was fired. At the time, they didn’t believe her. page 11 in her book.

  5. Marlene says:

    Our face shape surely dont decide who we are. But our life’s CAN change our face. What we eat. If we worry constantly. If we dont smile.Smoking,drinking. Not having enough sleep. All those things change our face.

    Notice the criminals faces. Notice a face of a babysitter. Face can and eyes can truly tell a lot.

    It always better to talk, and discover the person though. No matter how good we are at “face-soul-reading” we can be wrong in our judgement.

    First impressions are sometimes way off.
    Marlene recently posted..Degrees that Pay wellMy Profile

  6. Gutsy Writer says:

    I agree that so much can affect our faces as you mentioned. I just found it interesting that certain characteristics seem to apply to criminals etc. Anyway, just wanted to bring up the topic after hearing Barbara speak. Thanks for your visit.

  7. Penelope J. says:

    A fascinating subject with many facets to it. I would be interested to learn more especially since a face type might help to describe a specific character. Interesting tidbit about selection of entourage or Cabinet members. Strong faces used to be thought a sign of a strong personality, but is not always the case, and crooks don’t always have crooked features (though my grandfather had Nixon right long before Watergate). I have a square forehead and I think I fit that description – unfortunately for my friends.
    Penelope J. recently posted..My Seven Deadly LinksMy Profile

    • Gutsy Writer says:

      As a writer, I asked Barbara if she speaks to writers groups and she mentioned she wants to help writers with their characters. Should be interesting.

  8. “Face Reading” falls under Personology/physiognomy: “… which holds that outward appearance, especially the face, is the key to a person’s predominant temper and character.”

    The character attributes you describe, “relaxed lifestyle… creating harmonious relationships… being career driven… not liking being superficial…” ALL are the sort of generalized comments one finds routinely in horoscopes and psychic readings. The scientific term is “Cold Reading” and “confirmation bias” where people accept the “hits” and disregard the “misses”, or attributes that don’t necessarily match. Were this true, one could expect to find most career-driven women in an office with the same facial shape. How many truly superficial people would actually admit to being superficial?

    Appearing on national TV new shows does not validate the claims – John Edward, James Van Praagh, Sylvia Brown, etc. all have been in the national media spotlight, even had their own shows, and all have been discredited when their work has been reviewed objectively.

    I am dubious that Barbara’s claims could be validated under strictly controlled scientific research. I mean really, would a bank deny you a loan because your forehead is not round?
    Robert the Skeptic recently posted..The End of WorkMy Profile

    • Gutsy Writer says:


      I am so glad you came over and commented. With a name like Robert the Skeptic, I expected this. You see I’m the Gutsy Living woman who loves to be open to ideas, no matter what I learn or hear. I’m not saying I agree with everything, I just enjoy different points of view and being flexible.